Black Ops

Mysterious human assailants. Appear to have had their brains heavily modified with Cranial Implants.

Though their uniform bears no insignia, and the soldiers carry no identification, the HUNT team has been able to identify that these operatives are individuals reported as MIA in areas of conflict.

The Black Ops appear to have prodigious connections, and appear to be able to deploy to a wide variety of theaters. They typically arm themselves with local military equipment, suggesting ties to national militaries all over the world, a fact further augmented in that they typically gain access to military communications.

Running through records of soldiers declared MIA; and correlating this with operations carried out by unidentified forces suggest that this group (or closely associated groups) may have been operating in one form or another as early as the Korean War.

Directions for New Research

  • Political Connections – Bureaucracy 2, Accounting 1, Tradecraft 1
  • Military Connections – Military Procedure 2, Reassurance 1, Traffic Analysis 1

Black Ops

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